Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jailbird Todd Douglass, Arrested on August 18, 2010, for having a big heart

On August 18th, Hermon Fire Chief Larry Willis, Arrested and handcuffed Todd Douglass at his studio without incident for offering to help raise money to help fight Muscular Dystrophy. Todd was transported to "Jail" at the Sea Dog Restaraunt in Bangor, where his bail was set high. After a firm lecture for promoting generosity and offering to help , Judge Todd Simcox (WABI TV5), gave Mr. Douglass a chance to raise additional "bail" money to "get out of jail." Within an hour he raised his bail to a total of $560.00, and was set free on the condition that he continue to raise additional "cost of court" fees for the next 30 days.
All customers, and friends of Todd Douglass and his associates at Douglass Photography, are encouraged to call as soon as possible to pledge a kind hearted and appreciated donation in any amount. Photo of Jail Bird Todd Douglass in handcuffs by Hermon Fire Chief Larry Willis,
Photo of Todd Douglass behind bars by MDA staff.

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